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The aim of the specialization Biomedical Informatics is to educate graduates that understand both basic principles of living organisms functioning (starting from molecular and cellular level up to human physiology) and current tasks, approaches and issues of medical care. In specialization courses they acquire knowledge of most important application areas of medical informatics and at the same time they get theoretical knowledge of informatics that allow them actively participate in one of the following rapidly developing fields of research and development: bioinformatics, neuroinformatics, assistive technologies and supervisory systems, or medical informatics and clinical information systems. Each of these fields is covered by one course that explains state of art and future goals and focuses on mastering those algorithms and informatic tools, which are crucial for the given topic and its further development. One third of the curricula is represented by elective courses. Thanks to this open concept each student can complete the common fundamentals according to his/her interest in such a broad field.