Graduate profile

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The graduates will be able to apply the latest information technologies and approaches to solving current problems of biology and medicine, to integration of knowledge and data interpretation from various accessible sources (from imaging modalities to e-science), to solving engineering problems, especially in the area of design and implementation of health care information systems and decision support systems. The education stresses importance of acquisition of good theoretical fundamental, system approach and ability of active cooperation in interdisciplinary teams composed of engineers and experts in life sciences (physicians, biologists, biochemists, etc.) and clinical practice.

The graduates’ profile is represented by theoretical knowledge of corresponding areas of natural and medical sciences, software engineering, cybernetics, data measurement and transmission, electronic systems, computers and programming. Selection of elective courses allows the graduates to deepen knowledge in areas of artificial intelligence, image processing, information technology and biomedical engineering. The graduates can find jobs in cellular, genomic and neurological research, at design of telemedicine applications, hospital information systems, pharmaceutical systems, at development of solutions for personalized care and design of individualized medication, at development of assistive aids, in research of cognitive processes, etc.