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The master study program Biomedical engineering and informatics covers the extensive field of modern biomedical technologies, including both software and hardware solutions. Here, we meet signal theory, methods of system modelling, processing of visual information or of complex biomedical data, design and implementation of software and device systems for health care and related disciplines, complex view on the chain starting by measurements (examination methods), followed by data processing up to their evaluation, interpretation and storage into medical records, engineering design of medical devices, measurement, transition and processing electric and non-electric quantities (sensors and device technology). Profound theoretical background of this master program with strongly interdisciplinary structure offers to its graduates significant competitive advantage and universality on the job market due to synergy of all included parts.

The master study program BMII is focused towards higher forms of study in the domain of instrumental techniques, electronics, signal and image processing, informatics as they are applied in health care and biomedicine. From the beginning of master studies the students can decide between two branches (specializations) – Biomedical engineering and Biomedical informatics. This means that during the first study year each student first gains deep theoretical background in four common relatively extensive subjects and later he/she gets the chance to specialize according to the selected branch. The study is stratified and it offers rich space for independent and individual work of students during their work on their projects and diploma thesis. Further specialization can be gained through number of offered selective subjects.